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Stiltz Trio Alta Old
Trio Alta Home Lift

The Stiltz Trio Alta home lift is a fantastic alternative to a conventional residential elevator. What makes this product so unique is that it was designed to be retrofitted into an existing home with a minimal amount of renovation. The Trio Alta is big enough to fit a conventional wheelchair or walker yet small enough to be tucked into the corner of a room. With it’s see through cab and elegant interior lighting many of our customers also choose to put this in a prominent location in their home.

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The Stiltz Trio Alta home lift has many different configuration options to fit the need of the user and the home. The most popular option is a through the floor design where the lift passes through a void in the floor that we create. When the cab is parked on the lower level there is a lid that covers the hole that blends in seamlessly with your flooring. Another popular option for the Trio Alta is a thru cab which allows you to enter one side of the cab and exit the other. We also have the ability to install the Trio Alta to a landing by removing a section of your handrail and replacing it with an interlocking safety gate that only opens when the elevator cab is at that stop. In the event that you have a home with three floors we do offer a 3 stop version that will allow you access all the levels of your home. The Stiltz products are self contained so there is no separate mechanical room required. All we need to do is install a 220 volt 15 amp circuit (the same electrical circuit for an electric dryer) to power the machine. In the event of a power outage there is a battery which will turn on the cab lights and allow you to descend to the lower floor so you can exit safely even in the dark. All of our electronic and mechanical infostructure is contained neatly above the cab for safety and aesthetics.
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