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The city of Decatur, Illinois, is a pleasant surprise on the prairie. With a population of approximately 74,000, Decatur has become known as both a hardworking and affable mid-size city with its own unique Midwestern charm. Decatur lies on the central east side of McLean County and is home to several prestigious educational institutions such as Millikin University and Richland Community College. In addition to education, Decatur also boasts some great recreational outdoors activities with Lake Decatur and the nearby Rock Springs Conservation Area providing possible opportunities for fishing, swimming, biking and trail hiking. As one of America’s Great Manufacturing Cities – working together with generous investment in infrastructure from local industry – Decatur continues to be an appealing place for businesses looking for robust job opportunities for potential employees.

First Class Elevator is the perfect solution for home elevator and home lift installation services in Decatur, IL. Their cutting-edge home elevators and home lifts, including Stiltz Lifts and Cambridge Elevating home elevators, help provide elderly individuals and those with disabilities with a viable solution to navigating stairs safely and with comfort. Even in existing homes or new construction, First Class Elevator has an ideal solution that fits both the space of the home as well as any mobility needs its occupants may have. By addressing this seemingly restrictive social limitation, First Class Elevator allows its consumers an increased level of freedom and personal autonomy to move throughout their home without worry or concern.

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Stiltz Home Lift Interactive Tour

Full Height Doors

An interlocked door that replaces the half-height door

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Internal LED Downlights

These are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the elevator and remain on for the entire journey.

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Free Standing Rail System

Requires no supporting walls

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Seamless Integration

At First Class Elevator we ensure every home lift installation integrates seemlessly into your existing home.

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Home Elevator / Lift Installation Services

First Class Elevator is a proud installer of Stiltz Home Lift residential elevator products in Decatur Illinois. The Stiltz Home Lift has a unique self-contained design that allows it to easily be retrofitted into your home and is perfect for tucking away in the corner of a room due to its small footprint.

Click Here for more information about the Stiltz Home Lift line of products and learn which one would be a good fit for you and your specific needs.

First Class Elevator is a proud installer of Cambridge Elevating home elevator products in Decatur IL. We offer 3 highly customizable Cambridge elevator models to choose from, the Elmira, Heritage, and Cambrian.If you are looking for a home elevator in Decatur IL check out our Cambridge home elevator page.
Whether you’re building a new home elevator or have an existing one, our remote monitoring system allows you to have the peace of mind knowing that your residential elevator is performing correctly and safely. You can also get maintenance alerts should an error occur. Our Remote monitoring system can reduce the number of service calls and cut downtime of your home elevator by up to 99%, saving you time and money.Click Here to learn more about home elevator remote monitoring.

Stiltz Home Lift Overview

Cambridge Home Elevator Overview

Home Lift Installers Decatur IL
Stiltz Home Lift Models

Duo Alta

The Stiltz Duo Alta has the smallest footprint of any home elevator solution we offer. It is the perfect solution for those with minimal room in their home.

Trio Alta

The Trio Alta is the perfect compact home elevator solution for those that require wheelchair or multiple occupant access with a higher weight capacity.
Residential Elevator Installers Decatur IL
Cambridge Elevator Models


The Elmira’s compact footprint allows it to be easily integrated into a new or existing home. The Elmira model utilizes an accordion style cab door and a swing door for the landings.


The Heritage residential elevator is all about convenience. By utilizing an automatic door on the cab and a swing door on the landing it blends seamlessly into your home.


The Cambrian residential elevator is the most luxurious and customizable model in the Home Elevator line. It features automatic doors on both the elevator cab and landing.
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