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St. Robert Mo Home Elevator Company – Home Lift Installation Project

St. Robert Home Lift Installation Project

Mr. and Mrs. P were looking to future proof their home in St. Robert Missouri since they plan to stay in their home for as long as possible. Since the home was not exceptionally large they were unsure of a good location to incorporate a Stiltz home lift when they first reached out to us. During our free in home consultation we explored many options with the couple and finally decided on the perfect location. Because of the split level design of the home they had a large garage under the bedrooms of the home. The couple decided to place their Stiltz Trio Alta in a spare bedroom that was used as an office and it traveled down to the garage underneath.

Because the home lift was located in the garage it would be perfect for bringing in groceries and other supplies to and from their vehicles. Although there were no building permits required in their specific location we discussed some important safety information with the couple. Any time we place a home elevator or lift in a garage it is very important to make sure that we consider fire safety. In the event of a fire in the garage we want to ensure that we have a proper barrier to slow the fire down in order to allow occupants adequate time to get out of the home safely.

When our team arrived on site to start the home elevator installation we modified the floor joists as we typically do in order to create the proper hole for the Stiltz. We then reinstalled 5/8” fire rated drywall on the ceiling and carried on with our installation as we typically do. After the bulk of the elevator installation was complete we began to construct the hoist way which acts as a fire barrier. 2”x 4”walls were constructed around the home lift in a way to allow for as much room in the garage as possible. We the installed 5/8” fire rated drywall on both the inside and outside of the hoistway and insulated the walls with fiberglass insulation to keep the office upstairs comfortable regardless of the temperature in the garage. After the walls were complete we installed a 36” fire rated steel door with an electronic interlock. The interlock was installed in order to secure the hoistway which prevents unauthorized access.

This couple was elated with the quality of the Stiltz Trio Alta home lift and the professionalism and quality of work our team provided. In four short days we were able to leave this couple with a home they can safely remain in for as long as they like and the benefits and convenience of a residential elevator.

Andrew from First Class Elevator was a pleasure to work with!

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Installing an elevator in your home may seem like a bit overwhelming at first but in reality it’s a painless process if you choose the right company. As you can see from Mr. and Mrs. P’s project First Class Elevator can install an elevator in your home that you can enjoy for years to come in just a few days. To talk to home elevator expert today give us a call at 314.200.4389 we are always happy to help!

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