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St. Charles Home Lift Installation Project

St. Charles Home Lift Installation Project

KH contacted us while she was shopping for a new home. She found her dream home in St. Charles County Missouri but there was one small problem. Her dream home was a two story home with a finished basement but she is in a wheelchair and cannot navigate stairs. We visited her at the home and discussed many different options but ultimately decided on two separate Stiltz Trio Alta’s. One would go from her kitchen down to the finished lower level so she would have convenient access to the swimming pool and the other would travel from her master bedroom up to her home office.

For this project we handled the necessary construction and the elevator installations as well. Construction on this project was fairly straight forward because the home had conventional floor joists (whenever engineered lumber or floor trusses are involved we have to involve our structural engineer to ensure that we do not compromise the integrity of the building.) As always we built a temporary wall underneath the joists to ensure that the home is properly supported while we modify the joists. Once the modifications are complete we then remove the wall and can then cut the hole for the elevator in the upstairs floor.

KH’s home had prefinished hardwood floors in the kitchen area so all of our measurement’s are critical to ensure we do not damage the floor as it cannot be easily repaired. Thankfully our team at First Class Elevator has almost 25 years of experience in carpentry and construction so this scenario is something we can easily handle. The other elevators construction was much the same except in the upstairs office there was carpeting as opposed to hardwood floors. For an application like this we actually pull the carpet and carpet pad back to expose the subfloor in the area where the hole will be located. After the hole is cut we then reinstall the carpet and cut the hole out from underneath. The carpet that we remove is saved and later attached to the lid of the elevator so the finished lid looks cohesive to the rest of the room.

Once the project reaches this stage our electrician runs outlets to power the elevators and installs phone jack outlets that tie into the existing phone network in the home. This allows the phone that we install inside the elevator cab to function and in the event of an emergency the occupant can call for help. We then reinstalled the drywall where applicable and installed the elevators. This entire process took us about 7 days from start to finish and KH can now travel easily throughout her dream home.

Getting Our Home Lift Installed was a painless process and we would recommend First Class Elevator to anyone with mobility needs looking to make your home more accessible

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