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Shiloh IL Home Elevator Company – Home Lift Installation Project

Shiloh IL Home Lift Installation Project

Ron contacted us regarding a Stiltz home lift for their home in Shiloh, IL. His wife Chris had been involved in a life changing auto accident and was unable to navigate the stairs safely in their home after the accident. They had spent many years in their current home and had raised their children there. Before the accident they planned to stay in their home forever because they loved the both the home itself and their amazing backyard view of the golf course.

At the time they contacted us they were weighing their options because they were only able to live in less than half of their home because of Chris’s limitations after the accident. They were considering finding a home that was more accessible but after all of their looking nothing felt like home. Ron was apprehensive about whether or not the Stiltz Trio Alta home lift would be the right solution for their family. After a visit to our office in Ellisville to see the build quality of the Stiltz products first hand and to discuss the details of their specific project they decided to move forward.

After placing the order with Stiltz we applied for the necessary permits for Shiloh, IL and they were issued shortly thereafter. A few weeks later we took delivery of the Trio Alta home lift on a Friday afternoon and began the installation process promptly the next week. Because their home had conventional floor joists we were able to sister the floor joists on each side of the new opening and install a header across the opening to carry the floor load properly. Our electrician came in on day 2 of the install and ran a 220V 15A circuit for us to power the elevator with and added a telephone jack for us to plug the supplied home elevator cab phone into.

After our rough inspections were complete we reinstalled drywall where necessary and began installing the home elevator. Because the home had a vaulted ceiling we had to build a small soffit in order for us to have a flat surface to mount the rails to. For this application we used rough sawn cedar to match the existing beams in the home. After the soffit was complete we wrapped up the home lift installation of the Trio Alta and scheduled or final inspections.

We completed this job from start to finish in just under four days. Ron and Chris now have safe and convenient access to their second floor and they can remain in their forever home thanks to their Stiltz Trio Alta. Seeing the genuine joy on the faces of this amazing couple reminds us what all of the long days and hard work are truly for!

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Installing an elevator in your home may seem like a bit overwhelming at first but in reality it’s a painless process if you choose the right company. As you can see from Ron & Chris’ home lift project, First Class Elevator can install a lift in your home that you can enjoy for years to come in just a few days. To talk to home lift expert today give us a call at 314.200.4389 we are always happy to help!

Here is Ron's Review of First Class Elevator


What a top notch experience!! After my wife’s life altering auto accident, we had to make the decision to move to a ranch style house or find a way to make our split level home totally accessible. After two other contractor bids and ideas, I started looking for another house. I stumbled across the stiltz trio alta online and contacted the manufacturer. They put me in touch with first class elevator. What a great decision! Within 2 days Rebecca was at my house giving me great ideas and confirming the stiltz alta trio was right for our house. After I thought about their idea for a week, I called them and wanted to see a working version of the elevator. Unfortunately they could not show me a completely working version, but they invited me to their warehouse where they completely unboxed a new elevator to show me the well built components of the elevator. The elevator sold itself, and I signed the contract. They told me it would be between 4—6 weeks for the elevator to arrive. The elevator arrived at the warehouse in 5 weeks on a Friday evening and Andrew and his team were out for the installation on Tuesday morning. I thought it was going to be a really big job because they had to cut a large hole in my living room floor. They actually finished the job in 3 and a half days. Andrews team was there by 8 am every day. They did a fantastic job with the construction work, installation and permits. The elevator works better and much quieter than I expected and really blends into the interior of the house. My wife and I could not be happier with the elevator and it has given us our entire house back. Thank you Rebecca and Andrew, you have changed our lives!

- Ron and Chris - Shiloh IL

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