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O’Fallon Missouri Home Lift Installation Project

O'Fallon Missouri Home Lift Installation Project

MG contacted us to see if it was possible to add an elevator to his home in O’Fallon Missouri. He had a two story home with an unfinished basement that he was considering converting into living quarters for his aging parents. His Mother and Father were still able to use the stairs but it worried him as they were both becoming unsteady on their feet. MG knew it was a matter of time before one of his parents wouldn’t be able to manage the stairs or worse yet have a fall on them.

During our initial consultation we discussed placement options for a Stiltz Trio Alta and found a suitable spot that allowed travel between the upstairs and future downstairs living rooms. MG decided on the Trio because of its ability to accommodate a wheelchair and walker in case that was ever in his parents future.

We placed the order for his elevator and waited for the construction to begin in his basement. We met MG, his contractor and a structural engineer on site once the project was underway to discuss the logistics of the elevastor. Because of the construction of the home and the placement of the elevator the engineer was involved to ensure that the modifications to the home were done properly. After a solution was decided on the contractor carried out the work necessary to fit the elevator and finish the basement living quarters.

In the final phase of construction our team arrived on site and installed the Trio home lift in the opening provided in just under 2 days (see our timelapse video of this installation below.) Shortly after the completion of the project MG’s parents moved into their new apartment in his basement. This solution has been perfect for their family as they each have their independence (thanks to the Stiltz Trio Alta) and the parents can come and go as the please safely.

Andrew from First Class Elevator was a pleasure to work with!

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